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What Do You Know About Raised Dog Bowls?

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When you own a dog of a particular size you need to get acquainted with the subject of raised dog bowls – particularly if your dog is preparing to enter their senior years because it could save them a lot of discomfort in their later years.


  1. Raised dog bowls help to elevate your dog’s eating position, meaning they have less of a distance to stoop to eat and less pressure is put on them (specifically their neck) as they bend to eat. The less strain that’s put on them in their younger years, the less pain they will potentially suffer if arthritis sets in. It’s a small step to take to try to ease your dog’s discomfort as they age.
  2. Elevated or raised dog bowls come in different styles, shapes and sizes. Some are wall mounted, some are stainless steel and easy to wash, others are plastic or you just buy the dog bowl stand and match with your own bowls. Some come in different designs and colours, meaning you can tone to match or compliment your decor.
  3. Although we’ve touched on the benefit of the raised dog bowl for medium to larger dog breeds, in fact the same benefits apply to all dog breeds. The less distance any dog has to stoop to eat and the easier you make it for them to eat closer to their natural height, the better.

It’s all about creating a happy, healthy future for your dog. That’s why we decided to look into the concept of these bowls – let us know if you have and how you got on!


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