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5 Facts About Dog Treat Cams That You Might Not Know


The pet technology market is booming. Here are five facts about dog treat cameras that we think you should know.

Dog treat cameras are on Amazon’s no 1 best seller list

According to a recent study, 9 in 10 dog owners worry about leaving their pet home alone so it’s perhaps no wonder that the Furbo dog camera is a best selling product on Amazon around the world with fans in Japan, Canada, America, Mexico, France and Britain.

TV presenter and dog lover Ellen DeGeneres even gushed about the Furbo on her TV show as a gift idea in the lead up to Christmas.

They can help to combat dog anxiety behaviours

This article explains how one dog owner used her Furbo dog treat camera to help her rescue dog feel more settled when his family were out of the home.

And the treat tossing technology has even helped dogs to find homes

Two dogs in a London based animal rescue centre who had been struggling to find new forever homes, found new homes thanks to their pet camera.

By using the dog treat cam to see what the dogs were doing when left alone, the treat cam helped to explain behavioural issues to the rescue’s dog trainers, which allowed them to help cure each dog’s off-putting behaviours, including pacing and barking when worried, which saw them spend more time in rescue than they deserved.

Wylie, pictured above, was one of the dogs the dog treat camera helped / Photo Credit: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Friends and family who’ve moved away can keep in touch with their favourite dog

Okay so no one’s really going to admit who their favourite family dog is, not openly anyway, but with shareable apps, friends and family who’ve moved away can download the app and log in before calling up to check in for a ‘snack call’ with their favourite pup whenever they’re missing them.

The two way audio, which is not a standard feature on all dog treat cams but can be found on the Furbo, allows the dog to hear your voice and vice versa before you dispense treats to remain the dog’s favourite person (until the next Furbo caller dials in).

And if your dog has a habit of disappearing in the night, you can check on them

A pretty good safety mechanism for the home, the dog treat cam lets you open the app and see what’s going on in the home, within reach of the pet treat cam, of course.

For those of us whose dogs sleep nearby, when our dogs suddenly leave the room it can be confusing. Some dogs with natural guarding instincts may be more attuned to strange noises so are likely to patrol the home, others – perhaps the greedy, opportunistic ones – may choose to wander to see if any crumbs have been left.

A select few dog treat cams have night vision cameras, so you can take photos and videos during the day and night and catch your canine version of a honey badger who are known for their nighttime bin raids, in action.

The article is sponsored by Furbo Dog Camera.

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