Waiskai (pronounced wisk-ee), named after the bay our summer home sits on, came to us as a gift from some dear friends when we were at a very low point in our lives. We were facing losing our home and our company from multiple hurricanes. Chronic illness had made its way into our family on top of having to put our 14 year old Standard Poodle to sleep the day before we left for a trip out of state. Waiskai has done nothing but bring joy and happiness back into our lives. He loves to take walks with his Grampa, play with Daddy, cuddle with Mommy, and beg Gramma for snacks! He loves to munch on the homemade treats we make. His favorite toys consist of balls, stuffed toys, lizards, and squirrels (if he could ever catch one!) He loves to travel with us to our summer home and go kayaking with us. He’s just the best little guy we could have ever asked for, for this family.

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