Hi, I am Toto, a 2.5 year old Parson Russell Terrier x Westie. I live all the way down in Australia.
Mom always says I am ball-obsessed, but I don’t think so. You know, I adore her waaayyy more than any and all balls… I think… mostly.. Maybe not wwhen she sighs and gives me her I-am-so-disappointed-look. Don’t like that look at all! It makes me cringe.
Good thing is she never yells though. She reckons I’m a big mama’s boy and couldn’t cope……
So not true! I’m not a wuss at all! In fact, I am super-active: Mom takes me to Agility, Obedience (and we are trialling in both), and for fun we do some tracking and Treibball (yep, even like the big ones I can’t pick up…..).
Or we go walking, swimming, snooze on the couch, go to cafes….
Actually everything is kinda fun when mom takes me along. Naturally, I am watching her around the house as well, following her every step. When she gets up, I get up. Never know – wouldn’t wanna miss out on cheese, a play, pasta or some other goodies!
Fortunately she does stuff on the computer quite a bit, and I can snuggle up in her lap or on my bed next to her. Counting the human furniture (they gave up differentiating, took me a while though!), I have a bed in every room!
Well, okay, the cat has dips. She’s a cranky pud’n. But she can only be in one spot at a time, and tries to stay out of everyone’s way to get some peace and quiet. So she spends most days outside, and the inghts in the guest bedroom, and I hardly ever get in her way – which is prolly for the best.
She’s quite quick on the pawslapping and doesn’t bother with staring competitions. Mom says I am lucky she never uses claws, but hey, I keep the neighbours’ cats out of our backyard. So not scratching my nose is least she can do……

Oooops, have to run, someone’s opening the fridge…….

Friendly licks,

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