Teddy,Molly and Megan.

All these dogs were rescue dog and all have had a bad start in their lives. It beaks my heart to see the state of some of these animals that are rescued. It is a crying shame that this still goes on even after all the advertisements about abuse of animals. Teddy came with so many issues it has taken a year to cure most of them he still has one that we are trying hard to cure.God knows what this little one has had to endure. I got Teddy at 4months old and the damage had been done then.In those first few short weeks his life must have been hell on earth. Molly was the lucky one she only had to endure a few short months in fact she came to me at 7months old. It was beleived that the owners were out working all day long and of course that meant she wasn`t house trained so i had to start from scratch with gettng her used to using the garden. Megan is Molly sister and she had to endure 18months of abuse. When she came to me you could count all of her bones. She was absolutely starving at first she would snatch the food from my hand where she was so hungery her coat was in a sorry state it had never been groomed or cut. Her toe nails were long you could see she had never been out for a decent walk. how could this still be going on. Megan was over her booster date by 3months and she had never had a wormer since she first visited the vets when she was only a few weeks old. Whoever brought these puppies had not just put one puppy through this but had the nerve to put 2 dogs through all this. They obviously had no idea what they were doing and these 2 little dogs are so loving. I think the real hero in this is the lady that fought so hard to rescue and care for these pups before they come to me. She has given me 2 beautiful pups and also wth Teddy i now have a lovely little canine family. To which looking after them gives me so much pleasure. These doggy`s are the lucky ones but i count myself the really lucky one in this story.The people that abused these dogs have given me 3 little blessing`s of wich i will be eternally grateful to God for. A Animal Lover.

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