Sally is a 5 year old rescue (Pointer cross), who came to me a few years ago, terrified of everyone and everything. She appeared to have had no training, socialisation and was very insecure. However she is very much the poster dog for what a bit of hard work can do. After a few tricky months in the beginning while we got to know each other and learn to trust each other, I started to take her to training classes initally to socialise her and to try and improve our bond. Now we have joined a local dog club where she has a ball with her friends, both with 2 and 4 legs, and is very much the class clown putting a smile on peoples faces. She has also learned to do some obedience work and agility which we will continue. Sally and I love nothing more than going on long walks in the countryside where we are lucky enough to live. Seeing all the wildlife certainly keeps Sally in touch with her gun dog instrincts and she liked nothing more than running through the long grass, in and out of the undergrowth, down rabbit holes and splashing around in the river. And to top off the walk a nice cuddle with me on the sofa!

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