Ruairi plus 13 other furbabes

I founded an animal rescue over 13 years ago called Animal Connexions in Northern Ireland. I have 14 rescue dogs which were unable to be rehomed due to the many problems they had, Ruairi being one of them. today they are the most wonderful dogs – my furbabies!
i think it would take a whole magazine to tell you all about them and the joy they bring. i am attaching a pic of Ruairi included are his best friends – Benji – Toby – Ruairi – Chico & Tippy. hope you like it. Ruairi is irish for Rory he is now 16 years old (this year) and had 2 types of cancer at the one time almost 2 years ago, he is my miracle boy as the cancer disappeared without treatment and the vet to this day is still astounded as ruairi was only given 3 months to live so I like to think that an angel was there for him, he is getting a little stiff now but some days he is like a young pup.
Thank you for the opportunity of being able to tell you about some of my wonderful companions

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