Oscar is too fabulous for words. But I’ll try. He is so lovely, but why is he lovely? Because he is so gentle, he shares his food with other dogs without any growls or snarls. On cold winter evenings he will snuggle up close to me and keep me warm. If for some reason my alarm clock fails to go off he will come and cry next to my bed until I wake up. He is a very helpful dog. He is one of my very best friends and a wonderful companion. He loves playing with children and other dogs, but can get a bit carried away playing with grownups which affects his breathing. He is fantastic at football. But he is quite cultured, he enjoys music and painting and we have taught him a magic trick. He can be a bit of a misery guts about going out for a walk if the weather isn’t very nice, but I know lots of people that aren’t keen on rain or snow so I let him have a lie in if it is too cold. He is ACE :0)

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