Milo…. well where do I start???
We first realised Milo was quite the character when he was a puppy and was introduced to toys for the first time. Still to this day rubber chicken/duck (we call it chicken the duck) is one of Milo’s favourites – I’m sure we are not the only ones out that get driven mad with that squeaking toy! And I’m sure with most dogs’ chicken the duck only lives for approximately 10mins.
Milo Had another fluffy toy with great long legs, I’m not sure what this toy was perhaps a bright pink sheep with long legs??? I don’t know – anyway When Milo was young he had eventually ripped the legs of this toy but to our amazement he would never let the legs be separate or away from the other part of the body.. He was too small to carry all parts in his mouth so he would pick one part up…..take it to his destination….get the next part….and the next and so on. He knew this toy had to stay together.
Now today nothing rules more than his ball! In fact as I look over to Milo now he is asleep with that darn blue ball. He drives us MAD!!!!! the words that come out of Milos mouth day and night is “throw me my ball, throw me my ball, throw me my ball” until you say ENOUGH MILO and he drops his ball and sucks up the best he can, licking our face, looking o soooo cute anndddd then yes we give in. He’s just super adorable!!!
My husband and I are recently married; we love Milo so very very much! I know it sounds strange but he is more of a child to us…certainly not a dog.
He loves cuddles……dare I admit he sleeps in the bed, loves to sleep in, favourite sport is to catch rabbits, I’m presuming favourite colour is blue and favourite meal is steak.
Everyone who meets Milo is amazed at his personality, Witt and charm. He is a very well behaved boy, he tries very hard to please – he knows he’s in trouble when he hears MMIILLOOOO then he will lie on the ground and cover his eyes with his paws.
Gee I really could go on – everyone truly has a lot to say about their beloved pets, I can say confidently I am one of them. In saying that Milo is truly something special!!!

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