She’s a 6 year old deaf american bulldog cross, who spent the first year of her life in rescue as her mum was an RSPCA case dog, and she spent the 13 months before I adopted her in rescue too. She was also returned one time fo chasing cats … I have a rescue cat called Peanut too!

Millie doesn’t really make a fuss about anything, and she loves anything food related, lol, and her running around off lead sniffing everything. She also likes running around chasing balls with her doggy friends.

Millie is very good with her commands (hand signals); sit, lie down, left paw, right paw, clockwise spin, anti-clockwise spin, and recall – we’ve taught each other 🙂 , as I had no deaf dog experience and she knew no commands.

I’m very lucky to share my life with Millie (and Peanut)!

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