Luke or Lucas how we call him is my 2 years old Labradoodle. I was lucky to rescue him from a rescue home when he was 5 month old. He was in an awful state when i got him. Full of worms and fleas a badly skin infection and ears and eyes was infected too. The rescue home said that they have treated him for all his infection and fleas and so on, but for some reason I did not believed them. But this is a long story. But the worst thing was that he had cigarette burn marked all over his body. So it was clear to me that he got very badly abused from the pre owner. I still could cry when I remember back the day I saw him the first time.I’ll never ever understand how cruel people can be.Here is 1 of my favorite pictures of him when he was younger.
I also have Kim a chocolate Labrador girl 3 years old and Jessie (Kim’s sister second litter) my yellow Labrador girl 1 year old.I’ll will upload photos of all my dogs too

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