Loopy Lou

Loopy Lou is my precious 2yr old rescue Border Collie who was born profoundly deaf. Due to her deafness she was rehomed several times before finding her forever home with me, my family and our 4 other dogs. She competes successfully in agility competitions and has passed her Puppy, Bronze and Silver Good Citizens awards from the Kennel Club. Loopy is quite the local celebrity as she won the local Pet of the Year competition 2008 run by our local newspaper and she won a competition this year to appear in a calender and appeared as Miss January. She has accompanied me on a talk at the local Mind charity where I explained how well Loopy Lou copes with her ‘disability’. Loopy Lou watches me continually for either facial or hand signals, of which she understands about 15, and learns quicker than I can teach! Her favorite hobby other than agility has got to be swimming…she’s a real water pup!

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