Lizzie has been in my life now for just over 2 years but I can’t imagine life previously without my constant companion. She is a fawn coloured Lurcher with a white blaze and black highlights. As she is a greyhound/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix she has smooth short hair. Lizzie has the most loving temperament, wanting to be everyones friend and especially loves children. I am frequently told how gorgeous she is too, as if I didn’t know! She has won many rosettes from local dog shows where she absolutely loves showing off and meeting lots of boy dogs. Oh yes she is a real flirt and will bark at any male dogs not showing her enough attention. She was a rescued dog and had not been sociallised when I got her at about 1year old so she was basically a big puppy. She still has that great sence of fun now but also knows basic training. Lizzie gets through her toys quickly as she loves to chew them up. Her favourite trick is to stare at someone and go right up to them and lean on them until they stroke her. I think people are just shocked into submission as no one has refused this yet! She loves her walks but also likes to curl up on her own sofa and fall asleep (like in the pic) watching the fish. That’s if she hasn’t wrapped herself around the back of me like a lovely, warm cushion.

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