Kim is my 3 year old chocolate Labrador girl.
Kim loves nothing more than going to the park and meeting her doggy friends. She loves swimming and playing in the lake or in our garden in the paddling pool. Kim loves snow as well and is a happy chappy when she can catches the snow balls I through at her.
Food: I call Kim my walking bin. If she could, she would eat anything.Its so funny when she sniffs up the floor after we have had our dinner, hoping some of our food fell on the floor.Kim loves fresh bones and her training treat: Cheese or Chicken.
The sad thing about Kim was, that she have been ill very often,right from when she was a little puppy.Elbow problems,skin infection, bowl problems, running eyes and nearly ever month an ear infection.A lot of health problems settled now since I started feeding her a grain free diet, 2 days a week a raw diet, give her antihistamine tablets and pay special attention to her ears, which I treat now with holistic creams and lotions.
Kim is my first dog ever and we have a really special bond.She have helped me through the ruff-est time of my life.I really adore her, but I also love my 2 other dogs about I have written here too.It’s Jessie and Luke

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