Jodie + Sophie

Jodie ( Long Hired Chihuahua) and Sophie (Smooth Hired Chihuhua) came from the same house hold. Brought to Crossroad Kennels and Cattary in Milton Keynes as rescue in early January, wasn’t badly treated, both badish teeth and really long nails, Sophie being a tad overweight, being a kennel maid at 19yrs of age i fell in love with them as soon as i saw them. I spent all my spare time with them , playing , grooming and walking them, Crossroads had them vaccinated, work on their teeth and wormed and in the end , with permission from my nan and landlord , i rehomed them both in mid Feb. Now they have settled in very nicely and are turely my little girlys. Luv My Girls and My Work . Rachel Hand , Milton Keynes

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