Jimmy & Eric

Tell us all about your dog, their favourite toys, treats, habits etc!

What can I possibly say about Jimmy and Eric. Jimmy is an English Bull Terrier just over 3 years old and Eric is a Jack Russell cross Patterdale Terrier who is just over 6 years old. Eric is definitely the boss or thinks he is – he has always been with Bull Terriers and I think he thinks he is one – he is a right little hard nut. They are both named after footballers. Both love playing in the garden – we used to have a lawn at the back but now it just has patches of grass here and there where it hasn’t been dug up. They are both totally ruined, sitting and going to sleep on the settee at night whilst we watch the TV. Favourite toys they don’t really have as if one has a toy then obviously the other wants it and it ends up getting shredded. They love going out for walks (especially Eric). Most of the time during the day (when I am at work) they are fast asleep – unless the weather is good and then they are in and out of the farden all day.

They get their second wind when I come home and have a mad few hours before settling down.

On a Friday I usually call at the market before coming home and get a couple of pigs trotters – and as soon as I get in their tails are wagging and they have to smell in the bag so they know there will be treats on a Saturday once they are cooked.

As I say they are a pair of characters and I love them both to bits and wouldn’t swap them for the world.

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