Jessie is my 1 year old yellow Labrador girl.When Jessie was 12 weeks old I took her home with me after she has been in 2 homes before when she was only 10 weeks old. Peoples excuse to give her back was that she is only trouble, messing in the house, not walking on the lead, not sleeping through the night and some other unbelievable excuses. Excuse me: She was only 10 weeks old. What do people expect? Anyway, she is with us now and she is the most adorable, intelligent and happy little doggy girl I can think of.
Jessie loves to play with my other 2 dogs Luke and Kim ( see my other posts here), loves her daily walks to the park where she plays with her doggy friends or play ball with me.she loves paddling in the lake and greeting every person who comes across our way.Jessie is very fussy and loves to crawl on couch or in bed to snuggle up with me or she snuggles up with Luke or Kim in their dog beds.
Food: Like Kim she would eat anything if she could.But she gos absolute mad when I give her chicken wings to eat.

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