Jessie and Sammy

Jessie and Sammy are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – aged nearly 2 years and 1 year old respectively, although Jessie (the older of the two) is about half the size of Sam, and I am often asked if she is still a puppy!

They like to play tug with each other. Their favourite toys are a reindeer and several raggers. Sam has developed a liking for slippers, and subsequently destroying them. They love to eat Butchers meats and Iams biscuits. They are very cuddly dogs and love to snuggle up to you in the evening. But they are more than lap dogs – they are ‘proper’ dogs and think nothing of a good run through mud, snow and brambles in the woods! They are thoroughly enjoying the snow!

Jessie dislikes being moved away from the warm spot by the fire and Sam dislikes the fact he can’t have more meals! They are both very easy going little dogs and love to be wherever their people are! So I guess their biggest dislike is being left at home when anyone has to go somewhere that isn’t doggy friendly!

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