Jakie is a tan and white jack russell
7 years old may 29th 2010
He has been big part of our family from 5 weeks old
His favourite ball is a really stinky soft tennis ball which was bigger than him when he was a pup,
Loves playing with he frizbies and footballs bigger than him
His favourite treats are all sorts, meat strips and raw hide balls.
He got some really bad habits which are digging up the veg and friut from the garden,
made him self really ill a couple of times from playing with toads and frogs
We have to keep our mail behide a shut door has he likes to tear it in to little bits
Scared of our cat jessie who is top dog in our home
But woe and betide any other moggy that comes near our garden
He’s our gem which keeps us safe and warm on the cold nights cuddles up on the settee sores while we watch movies and come 9pm hes itching to go up to bed

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