Tell us all about your dog, their favourite toys, treats, habits etc!
Hidy is a girl, she had her 5th birthday in January.
She is the first dog I have owned and she is absolutely adorable, she has the sweetest most loving and loyal personality, she is very obedient and a very quick learner, there is nothing she likes better than to perform her tricks in front of a n audience! She can do the usual sits and stays but also is an excellent “dancer” and can do a roly poly.
She loves to chew (luckily just her toys!) give her a squeaky toy and she will sit and chew it until she gets the squeaker out, we do go through alot of toys, but rather that than the chair leg!
Hidy may be a small dog but she is still quite prepared to tell the big dogs off if they are doing something she does not agree with! She has a labradour friend, who she often has to have a word with!
She loves her walks and nothing gives me more pleasure than watching her running around with the wind in her face.

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