Hamish is a 7month old West Highland Terrier. He is very mischievous and gets into lots of trouble. He digs holes in the grass and the veggie patch and anywhere else he chooses, and he thinks we won’t notice. He had an upset tummy a while ago and appeared in the garden with a dead blackbird. We don’t think he killed it but we think he was eating it. He is very good when we go out, we have just started leaving him out of his crate. He lays on top of the sofa and waits for us to come home. The top of the sofa is one of his favourite places as he likes to watch the school children going to and from school and he can keep an eye on the dogs that walk past.. He is easy to train but won’t come when he is off the lead and sees another dog to play with. He is very friendly and loves dogs and children. He plays with all the big dogs and even when he gets knocked over by other dogs, he just picks himself up and carries on playing. So far, the only thing he is scared of is the hairdryer and tractors. He is a lot of fun and I am very glad he is in my life.

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