Gambit [Poruse Diamond Dealer CDX TD] is the most delightful dog I have ever owned. He is so loving, adores puppies, cats, dogs of all sizes, children and adults. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.

Gambit does obedience, agility, tracking, tricks, doggy freestyle and herding. He is a Delta Pet Partner who visits nursing homes and adds a smile on the patients faces when he talks to them (little do they know that he is asking them for a biscuit). The club we belong to is in the porcess of getting a demo team together of which he will be part of.

He is very demanding when we stop to talk to other people as he he wants to visit as many places, people, dogs.

Gambit lost his friend, Miss Annabell in January 2010. He has just become Gambit again.

The phot of Gambit is when he’s telling me that he doesn’t want to sit, he wants to play with Miss Annabell.

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