Faith has been a real life saver for me we have been through homlessness and depression together, she has showed true unconditional love and loyalty and brings a smile to my face every time i look at her. She is a typical nutty fruitcake of a doberman, not a viscious bone in her body, she loves every one and is dog friendly too. believe it or not she is scared of toys with squeekers, her favourite toy is her sheepie. she loves laying find the buscuit in the heather. One of the funniest things i ever saw, was when a friend threw a buscuit for her to find, it was early evening but the sun and moon were out at the same time, as faith followed the fall of the biscuit we wated for her to bound into action, well she did her first leap as expected but then just stopped and stared at the sky, faith then stated to leap in the air and yap, yes you guessed it mywonderfully DIM doberman had seena very full moon and she was trying to catch it, then she stopped and stood for a further 5 minutes staring and whinning at it, but it just wouldn’t fall.

Though faith see’s herself as a prim and proper lady, always lays with her legs crossed, very sociable, loves hugs and kisses and cuddling her mummy and friends, she does have a bad habbit, it comes with the ewww factor as she is partial to horse manuer, but only the freshist variaty. luckly we always have ample supply of freshbreathchews and toothppaste and brush for when im not quick enough to stop her.

Faith i believe is a true ambasador for the doberman breed, though a little dim at times, and partial to dung, her temerment is solid and placid, any one who meets her loves her. And like i say she saved my life and seeing me through some rough and depressing times, with out her i really wouldnt of bothered going on, and just like now as i type this her favourite place is snoring her head off by my side in bed under the duvet.

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