Domino (Dommiedog)

Hi my name is Domino and i am a black and white Dalmation and i am 5 years old .
I love to go for walks and to go away on holiday in my caravan and rome around the fields .
i am a big soft spotty dog who loves to throw around my raggy made by my humans .
i have a nick name that when said it makes me go all daft and run around wiggleing my bum and wagging my tail.
i live with 2 grown up humans Wendy and Paul and 1 teenager human
kayleigh and my best human mate Jedd we share a bed room i have my own bed right under his loft bed he likes the fact that i am there to look after him.
i love to chase out cats of my garden i would never hurt them im just keeping them out cos they scare my chicken friends who rome around our garden .
I have lots of K9 friends and human friends well thats me dommiedog hope you liked my story (woof woof )in human bye bye

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