Cadan is a collie x German Shepher who loves to run in wet grass, the longer and wetter the better. He likes to wrestle and play with other dogs and enjoys a game of hide and seek but his all time favourite game is Fetch! His favourite toys are a ball (any size frim golf ball to basketball) an old blanket or a small beanie dog but he will fetch anything you care to throw.
He can be fussy with his treats but loves most treats from Pedigree, especially the better by nature range, or a pressed hide bone and his ultimate treat is bacon!
He’s a big dog but he is convinced he’s the size of a yorkshire terrier and loves nothing better than to sit on or as close to you as he can get for a cuddle. He likes to dance! Not heel wirk to music dancing but if i’m in the kitchen and start singing he will get up on his hind legs and hop around. He is also a big fan of opera and classical music (which I am not but I do indulge him a couple f times a week). Cadan like to travel, he’s been used to travelling by car, bus and train since he was tiny, he really enjoys the attention he gets on public transport and just loves to watch the world go by in the car. He loves people, especially children, and although he can be boistrous he is really gentle with small children and will happily lie down or sit so their heads are at eye-level and they can easily pet him.
Cadan used to do agility training but where we live now there are no classes close enough. We keep up what he knows with our own equipment, his favoutrite trick is the tunnel. To keep his mind active we endeavour to teach him a new trick roughly once every couple of months. He gets really excited when he’s learning something new, right now he can sit, give one paw and then the other, close the door, beg, bow, play dead, crawl, jump in the air, jump up on a surface, stand so his paws are on your shoulders lie down and close the door as well as knowing his agility commands.

Everyone told us his mix was not a great choice for our first dog but we don’t think we could have picked a more perfect pet. He was 12 weeks when we got him from a young woman who couldn’t cope and just didn’t have a clue (she had called him Bella and thought he was a girl!) His coat was dull and he had no toilet training or bite inhibition. Now all my family comments on how well behaved he is everytime they see him.

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