Bella hasn’t figured out she’s a dog yet, she thinks that she is human and that all humans are her best friend, she especially loves kids and would follow them anywhere if she could. Bella is very good at communicating and lets you know what she wants with a look and a stare, she does try to talk in her own warbling way although she never barks. Her favourite toys are balls of any shape and size but they never last very long, she is quite good at football too, but dont let her near any expensive ones, i bet she would love a ball pool.Bella likes to cuddle the fire or radiators she hates to be cold. Bella loves to play on the beach and to get into the sea. Her favourite treats are anything that we would eat really except bananas. The things she hates most are fireworks and loud bangs, you know when she has heard something as she goes to hide under something. She is quite intelligent too, as when i wanted her out of my grandsons bedroom because he had friends in and she gets rather giddy jumping about, she heard me coming and tried to hide under the bed but left her back end sticking out, left the kids in stitches as she tried to pretend she wasnt there.

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