Which of These 7 Dogs Plays Hide & Seek Best?

The art of hide and seek has long since been one dogs have mastered. Here are seven dogs who love to play, take a look and then decide who gets your vote as Total Dog’s ‘Best Hide & Seeker of 2016’!

The dog with a nose for finding a good hiding space.

Photo Credit: Amanda Graham

The dog who says you can have it all – a snooze while you wait to be found.

Photo Credit: jodene e

The dog who’s not too long in the tooth to find a good hiding place in the long grass.

Photo Credit: Micolo J

The dog who love to turn the tables – less hiding, more seeking.

The dog who hides in plain view.

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Photo Credit: Celeste Hopkins

The dog who upped the ante of the game up with a snooze in the sun.

Photo Credit: Stewart Black

The dog who thinks size is important – especially when it comes to finding the best hiding spaces.

Photo Credit:  Faylyne

If you’d like to teach your dog to play hide and seek, read more from K9 Magazine: http://www.k9magazine.com/hide-seek-dogs/

So, who do you think wins at hide and seek? Let us know who your vote goes to by commenting below! 


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